GYSTC “A STEM Education Celebration”

GYSTC will be recognizing K-8 STEM Educators with a Georgia STEM Scholar Award, as we celebrate 30 years of service to Georgia. We would like to include you as a sponsor of this event and a supporter of our new initiative, mobile STEM Labs for schools.

The focus of this Celebration is to recognize great STEM teachers and to raise funds for mobile STEM Labs for local K-8 schools across the state. GYSTC is committed to engaging Georgia students with opportunities to see themselves in future careers that offer personal growth, economic stability and intellectual stimulation while making significant contributions to Georgia’s economy. Continuous engagement means continuous innovation through programs and projects that captivate young imaginations and propel involvement with STEM disciplines. A STEM Lab is such a project.

The success of any STEM initiative in our schools is largely dependent on the quality of our teachers.  As a result, GYSTC is taking this opportunity to honor and encourage some of our most exceptional STEM educators. These awards recognize teachers who are working to integrate effective STEM education in their classrooms. Please support the Georgia STEM Scholar Awards to benefit our new STEM Lab Initiative.

    March 23, 2019
    6:00 pm - 10:00 pm

Event Phone: 470-578-7592