Fantastic Fridays

These virtual SCIENCE TODAY classes will provide a standards-based lesson which will allow students to develop an understanding of the content and do a hands-on experiment. Consumable supplies will be provided for all students. The cost for an entire class is based upon class size. Cost for each student is $5.

To register, please contact Jenna Henkel at: or 470-578-2621

Fantastic Fridays Schedule:

Second Grade

Keeping It Cool (S2P1.a,c)

Burr, you might need a jacket! In this lesson, students will describe objects according to their physical properties and collect evidence from investigations to construct an explanation that some changes in matter caused by heating or cooling can be reversed and some changes are irreversible. The STEM career of food scientist will also be introduced.

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Fifth Grade

Magnificent Sound (S5P3.a,b)

The force is sometimes strong with us! In this lesson, students will communicate the differences in function and purpose of an electromagnet and a magnet along with observing the interaction between a magnetic field and a magnetic object. The STEM career of sound engineering technician will also be introduced.

Available Times