STEM Enrichment Classes

Aerial Robotics Drone Program

K’Nex Drones (Grades 6th-8th)

This course is designed for middle school students. Using the SOAR implementation model for drone usage in a K-12 educational setting, students will learn about drone safety, operations, active learning and research.  Students will work in teams while using the engineering design process to design and build K’Nex drones. While developing their research, problem-solving and communication skills in order to design, build and fly their drones, students will work with their instructor and mentors to develop an innovative drone-based solution to a real-world problem in their community, state or world.  The culminating goal of this course is for students to be able to compete with their drones during the spring semester. Come fly and soar with us!


Fee:  $349.00


Saturday Sessions 


Thursday Sessions 

September 27th-November 15th


To register, please email with your child’s name and the session your child would like to attend