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Opened in 1995, the Southwest Georgia Youth Science & Technology Center is a Regional Center for GYSTC, Inc. which is a private, not-for-profit educational organization designed to increase interest in and enthusiasm for science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) for serious study, particularly among elementary and middle school teachers, students and parents in typically underserved areas in the state. Southwest GYSTC is located on the campus of the Bainbridge State College in Bainbridge, Georgia. Among the many educational programs they offer elementary and middle school teachers and students, some favorites include the STARLAB Planetarium. The Center provides a variety of professional development programs and STEM kits for K-8 teachers and students.


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Educator Programs

Virtual In-Class Field Trips

An in-class field trip is a unique experience for the classroom teacher and the students class to view science from a different perspective.

Virtual Professional Learning Workshops

These one-hour sessions cover a variety of topics to enhance the teaching capabilities of educators.


Virtual Afterschool for Math and Science

This GYSTC afterschool program is a virtual refresher in math and science exercises in which some students might need a little more time to progress at a more satisfactorily level.

Virtual Family STEM Nights

Join one of our Virtual STEM Nights! Everyone in your family can participate. Activities are appropriate for K-2, 3-5 or 6-8, depending on the session you join.


Virtual Science, Technology, Engineering and Math Academy for Parents with Grades K-5 Students

GYSTC works to improve the teaching-learning process for teachers, parents and students. GYSTC STEM Academy for Parents focuses on providing real-world experiences that parents can use to assist their students virtual learning experiences.

Board Members

Ms. Marvalynn Carroll

First Port City Bank (BOARD CHAIR)

Mr. Robert Adams

Mitchel County Schools

Ms. Janet Walden

Grady County Schools

Dr. April Aldridge

Decatur County Schools

Dr. Shereka Harvey

Calhoun County Schools

Dr. Kermit Gilliard

Grady County Schools

Dr. Steve Golladay

J.W. Jones Research Center

Dr. Scott Sweeting

Thomas County School District

Dr. Tim Cochran

Decatur County Schools

Dr. Mark Hughes

Retired Biologist

Dr. Lisa Williams

Thomas County School District

Mrs. Cile Warr

Grace Christian Academy

Dr. Bronwyn Ragan-Martin

Early County School

Dr. Christy Wray

Mitchell County Schools

Dr. Michael Kirkland

ABAC at Bainbridge

Dr. Jennifer Brown

Early County School

Ms. Kellie Powell

Southern Regional Technical College

Ms. Dicksey Hinesly

Westwood Schools

Mr. Fred Rudbeck

Georgia Power

Mr. Chip Davis

V.P. Family Bank

Mrs. Karen Rowland

Rowland Farms

Mrs. Kelly Young

Southwest Georgis RESA

Mr. Adam Starr

Grady EMC