Sphero’s (SPRK+)

The Sphero SPRK+ can be used to teach cool coding concepts while supplementing key content in other subject domains.  Students use simple drag and drop (block) programming to code the robots in a manner that is intuitive and visual.   This approach allows students to learn about key coding tools such as loops and conditionals without having to master the detailed rules of a textual language like Python or PHP.  However,  as a bridge to textual computer coding, students can see the Javascript textual code that is used by the programmers of the SPRK+.   If they-re ready, they can even code these amazing robots using Javascript.

SPRK+'s are truly amazing little round robots.  Their sleek and transparent design is super clever and they are versatile, indestructible,  and they include dozens of great lessons.  Some of the lessons come from teachers and others come from their more than capable staff.  The lessons encourage teamwork, collaboration, and creativity. Many of them employ open-ended challenges that require students to practice engineering design principles and make use of room, time, or material constraints. As a result of their utility, cost-effectiveness, and general coolness, we rate SPRK+'s as the top educational coding robots.

For quick video overviews of what SPRK+'s can do check out this Sphero SPRK+ Video.  There are also a wide variety of cool activities and programs  that have been designed for Sphero's.  All of the lessons can be found here.  The Draw 1Draw 2 activities are great for young students especially when you are introducing the SPRK+.  The Blocks 1Blocks 2, and Blocks 3, and activities are key  for teaching fundamental coding concepts.    Finally, Text 1 provides a great introduction to textual coding with JavaScript.


After doing 1-2 intro lessons, get your kids going on some of the super fun activities that also incorporate key classroom content. Here is a list of of our Top 10 Sphero activities that we have found to be challenging and popular with our students. While most of our favorites are designed for upper elementary students, there are lots of other top notch lessons for both younger and older students.

  1. Color Maze 
  2. Around the World in 60 Minutes 
  3. Bridge Challenge 
  4. Maze Mayhem 
  5. Dance Party
  6. Swim Meet
  7. Chariot Challenge (project) 
  8. Tractor Pull (project) 
  9. Swim Meet (game) 
  10. Sumo Wrestling (super fun game).