Marvelous Mondays

These virtual SCIENCE TODAY classes will provide a standards-based lesson which will allow students to develop an understanding of the content and do a hands-on experiment. Consumable supplies will be provided for all students. The cost for an entire class is based upon class size. Cost for each student is $5.

To register, please contact Jenna Henkel at: or 470-578-2621

Marvelous Mondays Schedule:


Soil Sleuths (SKE2.a,c)

In this lesson, students will get their hands dirty! Students will use tools to investigate soil samples from their own backyards and record their observations about the samples’ physical attributes. The STEM career of pedologist will also be introduced.

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Third Grade

Sun Seekers (S3P1.a,c)

Things are heating up in this activity! In this lesson, students will carry out an investigation to identify sources of heat energy. The STEM career of solar energy systems engineer will also be introduced.

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