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Below is a list of equipment & kits available for checkout with a short description for your convenience. Many of these kits can be adapted to multiple grade levels. Feel free to adapt the kit to fit your needs and remember the lesson plan that goes along with the kit is optional and is meant to be adapted.

For kit checkout, please contact at least two weeks in advance.  Once received, kits may be used for two weeks.

To use our equipment in your classroom:

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*Kits can be checked out for 2 weeks at a time.

*Please note: These kits are offered by Gordon GYSTC. If you are a member of another GYSTC Regional Center, please contact your Regional Coordinator. 


Science Content Kits

K SKL2b Tootie Fruity Examine fruits and vegetables to group according to features.
K SKP1b Rough Touch Classify materials according to physical attributes.
K SKP1b Fifth Sense Students will identify that the human brain uses many sources of information to understand and react to the surroundings. In this activity, students will explore the five senses by performing a variety of activities.
K SKP1c Cartesian Diver (Sink or Float) Investigate how compression and changes in density cause the Cartesian diver to mysteriously move up and down.
1st S1L1a My Plant Develop model to identify parts of a plant.
1st S1P1d It’s A Secret Students will explore how sound can make material vibrate.
2nd S2P2b Just for Kicks Students will compare two forces of energy on the motion and direction of an object. Students will examine how the collision of a moving object with another object causes the object to change direction.
2nd S2P1a Mystery Matter Explore the different properties of matter.
3rd S3E2 Fossil Puzzler Trace Fossils
3rd S3L1b Hiding in Plain Sight Investigate how camouflage can help an organism survive and reproduce in its environment.
4th S4E2b This is How I See It (Moon Phases) Construct lunar cycle models to illustrate the phases of the moon.
4th S4E3b Water Cycle Describe the water cycle by creating and observing a model.
4th S4P1a, b The Visibility of Light Make predictions about and assess the ability of light to pass through various substances.
4th S4P1b Periscope Up! Design a periscope to trace the path that light travels.
4th S4P2a, b Hear Ye! Hear Ye! Construct a model ear to learn how different materials transmit sound.
4th S4P3 a, b Bounce! Observe and measure the effects of gravitational force.
4th S4P3a, b Zip to It! Use knowledge of force and motion to carry a ping-pong ball down a zip line.
5th S5E1a, b Sand Shake Understanding the forces and materials that shape the surface of Earth to produce landforms such as sand dunes. *Not available virtually
5th S5E1c Build this Structure (Earthquakes) Design a structure to withstand an earthquake.
5th S5E1c Cause and Effect on the Land Describe how structures such as dams help to protect the Earth’s surface.
5th S5L2a, b Mix and Match Traits Students will participate in a scavenger hunt with their peers to classify inherited and learned traits, such as rolling your tongue, speaking another language, and hair color. After completing this activity, students should be able to distinguish between characteristics that are inherited and those that are a result of an individual’s interaction with the environment.
5th S5P3a Fast Lane (Electromagnets) Construct an electromagnet. 
6th S6E6a Erosion Rates Investigate erosion rates of different Earth materials (waves, wind, water, and glaciers). *Not available virtually
6th S6E6b Spin the Water Wheel Construct a water wheel and examine how energy can be created using liquids as a source of power.
6th S6E3d Motion in the Ocean Students will model the process of heat transfer by convection in Earth’s oceans to gain an understanding of how temperature differences in ocean water cause convection currents
6th S6E5e Weathering Cubes Demonstrate how natural processes (weathering) change earth’s surface.
7th S7L4C Epidemiology Emergency! Simulate how quickly infectious diseases can be spread and work together to determine patient zero. *Not available virtually
7th S7L5b Birds of a Feather Explore how different bird beaks are adapted to their environments.
7th S7L2c Finding Balance Investigate how body systems interact to support life processes.
8th S8P3b Floating on Air Hovercrafts use pressurized air to travel smoothly on land or water. They are used for search and rescue efforts and to train astronauts for space missions. Hovercrafts can even transition from land to water, making them an exciting amphibious vehicle. In this activity, students will investigate the relationship between friction and motion by building a simple hovercraft. This will allow the students to explain the relationship between friction and motion, and to apply Newton’s Laws of Motion to build a working hovercraft out of household materials.
8th S8P1c Candy Chromatography Compare and contrast physical properties of matter.
8th S8P2b Bounce! Observe and measure the effects of elasticity.

Math Content Kits

Pre-K Bingo Colors and Shapes Shapes and shapes
Pre-K Math out the Box Counting, Patterns & Sequence
Tangrams Practice parts of a whole, colors, shapes
Measurement Match-Up Puzzles Engaging puzzles help students understand measurement units and techniques
Problem Solving Match-Up Sharpen logical thinking and problem-solving skills
Graphing Match-Up Makes graphing and data analysis easy to grasp
Graphing boards Individual graphing boards
Primary Bingo Use old fashioned fun to teach basic math facts (0-18)
Counting Blocks (early childhood) Counting skills for beginners
Multiplication Practice Two can play-simple card multiplication game to improve skills and sharpen thinking.
Calculators Use basic math skills to solve simple equations
Cuisenair Rods

Coding/Engineering/Technology/Maker Kits

Multiple standards COJI Learn to code with a smile. COJI is an easy to control robot who is waiting for your command!
Multiple standards Edison robot Edison is the perfect tool to help learn and teach coding, robotics and STEAM in a fun and engaging way.
Multiple standards Mambo Parrott Mini Drones Drone is an entry-level device, mostly us as introduction to flying and learning to code.
Multiple standards Ozobot - 6 A miniature robot with lights, sound, sensors, and wheels designed to teach coding. ( (
Multiple standards Snap Circuits-2 Learn how electricity flows with snap circuits.
Multiple standards Spheros - 2 Code the Sphero to follow a pattern, coding
Robotix Robot Commander (Learning Curve) The robotix construction system is an easy to assemble expandable system based on actual robotic engineering.

Other Available Resources

Multiple Clever Catch Balls Math and Science (Answer the science question on the ball.)
Multiple Candy Corn Tower Build the tallest tower using candy corn
Multiple Candy Molecules Build simple molecules using candy and toothpicks
Multiple Doodlebots Create one-of-a-kind art with drawing ‘robots’
S5P2. Energy Sticks Explore the concepts of circuits, conductors, and electricity
S1P1 Waves in the Ear Learn how sound travels through the ear
Multiple Salt and Marble Challenge Density, force, friction, inertia, and gravity action
S5P1 Coin Laundry Oxidation of metals
S8P2 Hand Boilers Charles’s Law
S8P3 Hoopsters Explore aerodynamics and Bernoulli’s Principle by constructing an airplane without wings
Multiple Pencil Towers Create the tallest tower using pencils
Multiple Spaghetti Towers Create the tallest tower using spaghetti noodles
Multiple Toothpick Puzzles Use critical thinking skills to solve problems
S2L1 Life Cycle of a Butterfly Explore the 4 stages of a butterfly’s life
S2L1 Life Cycle of a Frog Explore the 4 different stages in the life of a frog
Multiple Paper Clip Challenge Using paper clips, create a paper clip chain that will hold the most weight.
S5P2 b, c All About Circuits Simple, Series, Parallel plus conductive playdough
Balloon Kabobs Polymers, polymer chains, surface tension and density
S4P3c Catapult Challenge Potential and kinetic energy
S8P3 Catapulting Cups Learn about Bernoulli’s Principle
Multiple Cup Towers Build the tallest tower using cups
S8P2 Dynotorch Explore the phenomenon of transforming energy using a hand press flashlight
Multiple Balancing Nail Center of Gravity

Equipment for Checkout

Parrot Mambo Mini-drone and battery 4 Easy and safe to pilot, learn to code with your drone, compatible with IOS/Android
G3 Drone for Good DFG Refresher Kit 5 Build and fly K'Nex based drones.
TURNIGY - TGY-i6 6 channels computerized digital proportional radio control system. 2 Computerized radio system. Usable with drone kits
Ozobot 6 Ozobot makes desk-friendly coding robots that come with infinite ways to create, learn, and share.
Edison Coding Robots 10 The Edison robot is great for robotics and programming (computational thinking and computer programming).
Van Der Graff-Electrostatic Generator 1 An electrostatic generator which uses a moving belt to accumulate electric charge on a hollow metal globe on the top of an insulated column.
Sphero 2 Engage PK–12 learners in programming and STEAM (STEM + Art) at home or in the classroom.
COJI-The Coding Robot by WowWee 3 COJI teaches students to program using a language they already know – EMOJIS!
Common Fossil Kits 12 Produced by Teacher Quality Grants Program & the Department of Geology & Physics at Georgia Southwestern State University
Portable Planetarium – Star Lab 1 Available Cylinders: Stars, Cells, Currents, Trade Winds, Geocentric Earth Center, Latitude and Longitude, Native American Mythology, African Mythology, Chinese Legends, Southern Hemisphere, Egyptian, American Indian
Eye Scope 2 A fascinating tour of the inside of your eye as you see it yourself
Sunspotter Telescope 1 A safer solar telescope, direct projection that makes bright rays more inaccessible
Edelman GAILEOSCOPE, Refractor Kit with 20mm eyepiece & 2x Barlow lens 3 See the universe
Sky Guide 2 Locate constellations and other celestial bodies.
Electric University Safety Kit and Meters (Georgia Power) 2 Basic concept of forms of electricity transfer, conductor, insulator, circuit (parallel and series)
Brock Microscope and animal and plant slides 4 Simple, tough, and versatile microscope.
18” Black Light 1 Emit long-waves ultraviolent light without visible light
Osmosis & Diffusion Lab Investigation 1 Determine the biological changes that occurs over a period of time in different solutions and to relate these changes to osmosis and diffusion.
Genes & Probability Lab Investigation 1 Confirm or rule out a suspected genetic condition or help determine a person's chance of developing or passing on a genetic disorder.
Electrophoresis Lab System 1 Separate DNA, RNA or protein molecules based on their size and electrical charge.
Glass Stirring Rods (small) 25 Laboratory equipment is used to mix chemicals and/or liquids.
Glass Stirring Rod (large) 1 Laboratory equipment is used to mix chemicals and/or liquids.
Plastic Test tubes (med with cork stopper) 11 Used for holding, mixing, and heating small quantities of liquid.
Plastic Test tubes (med with screw stopper) 22 Used for holding, mixing, and heating small quantities of liquid.
Plastic Test tubes (short -45ml) 8 Used for holding, mixing, and heating small quantities of liquid.
Lens Set – 50 mm Diameter Set of 6 Plan--concave and convex lens, concave-convex, convex—concave, Double concave lens, Double convex lens
Pinhole Viewer 1 Determine how different amounts of light and different types of lenses affect images that reach the eye.
Metrologic Instruments – Hard-Seal Helium-Neon Lasers 1 Emits a beam of visible light, low power laser.
3-D Glasses 25 Enhance depth, width, and height of images o seem more lifelike.
Flashlight (regular and mini) 15 Light source for many uses.
Mirrors 10 Reverse the direction of images in equal yet opposite angle from which the light shines.
Wire, battery holder 25 Keep cells fixed in place safely and securely while conveying power from the batteries to the device in question.
Film Resistors 1 pack Bridges circuits.
Spectrum/Prisms 25 Analyze and reflect light.
Funnels 5 Channel liquid or fine-grained substances into containers with a small opening.
Stop watches 20 Measure the amount of time that elapses between activation and deactivation.
Claw Hammers 25 Driving nails and prying, splitting wood, and other small tasks.
Thermometers 60 Instrument that measures temperature.
Bimetal Thermometer-ReoTemp 5 Bimetal thermometers are thermometers based on the functional principle that metals expand differently depending on the change in temperature.
Aerolite Binocular 2 Use when in low-visibility situations
Radiometer 1 Measure the intensity of radiant energy.
Suunto Compass 3 Accurately navigate outdoors.
Merge Cube 17 Hold Holograms in your hand
Scale (weight) 1 Measure the amount of force exerted.
Balance and Mass 2 Measure the mass of an object.
Increment Borer 3 Collect a core sample from a living tree and provide trouble-shooting techniques for common problems encountered during coring.
Heat Transfer 1 Introduce the concept of heat energy and heat transfer by observing the flow of heat between 2 objects of differing temperatures.
Common Fossil Kits 35 Examples of common fossils.
What is an ammonite 1 bin Sample fossils.
Dinosaur Discovery Hypsilophodon, Protoceratops, Ichthyosaurus, Tyrannosaurus rex 1 of each Life size-Develop early skills (inferring, measuring, observing, sequencing, classifying, communicating, recording data, interpreting data, compare and contrast.
Sound Tree 1 Drop the balls from the top and listen, note how the pitch changes with the length of the paddle.
EnviroScape Kits 2 Plastic model of a watershed with various types of land use.
Ground Water Simulator and Rain Cloud Chamber Accessory Kit 1 Create a model of a shared natural underground water supply—a shared aquifer
Make your own water shed Kit 1 Create a model of a shared natural underground water supply—a shared aquifer
Water Quality Test Kit 4 Detect and measuring substances in water.
LaMotte GREEN Low Cost Water Monitoring Kit 3 Economical tool for learning the basics of water quality.
PH Meter 2 Measure acidity or alkalinity of a solution.
Water Monitoring Kit 2 Test water quality.
Water Cycle Model 1 Show the movement of water within the Earth and atmosphere.
Dissolved Oxygen System 1 Need to determine how clear the water is? Determine the degree of visibility of water.
Handheld Dissolved Oxygen System 4 Need to determine how clear the water is? Determine the degree of visibility of water.
Fieldmaster Secchi Disk (Limnological) 4 Determine the index of suspended matter in the water.
LaMotte Carbon Dioxide Test Kit 1 This kit tests for Carbon Dioxide where a standard alkali is used to titrate samples to the phenolphthalein endpoint.
LaMotte Silica Test Kit 3 This kit tests for Silica using the Octa-Slide 2 Comparator.
Soil Acidity Tester 1 (bin) Measure the acidity or alkalinity of a soil sample.
Soil Samples 12 (bucket) Different types of soil.
Soil Samples Kits with petri dishes and sample jars 1 bin Measure the amounts of these nutrients and pH values to help decide what fertilizers and soil amendments might be needed for healthier soil.
Volcanoes, earthquakes, and tsunamis Educational Box 2 Concepts of volcanoes, earthquakes, and tsunamis.
Solar Energy Experiment Box 1 Solar energy concepts for how the sun provides energy to earth.
ALTIMETER (HAGA) 1 Portable instrument for measuring the height of trees and other vertical objects.
Invicta Clinometer 1 Portable instrument for measuring angles of elevation to find height, depth of buildings, hills, valleys.
Common Rock Types of Georgia & Key Kits 33 Georgia’s common rocks according to the region (Valley, Ridge, Blue Ridge, Piedmont, and Coastal)
Igneous, Sedimentary, Metamorphic Rock Kits 12 Rock samples
Geologic Maps and Mineral Resource Guide of Georgia 10 Where are the minerals and rocks found?
Upper grade level Rock Kit 1 Rock samples
Various Rocks (slate, lodestone, geode, gold nuggets, granite, 10 Rock Samples
Volcano Activity Model 1 Model a volcanic eruption and show the movement of magma within a volcano.
Meteorite Crater Study Kit 1 box Study a planet’s geological history.
Sedimentation tubes 9 Designed to determine the grain-size distribution of sand-sized sediment.
Various Shells 10 Various shells of different sizes.
Common Rock Forming Minerals & Key 24 Various minerals and identification key
Mineral Collection (Colorful) 2 Mineral specimens.
Mineral Test Kits 2 Perform acid, color, and hardness tests on rocks and minerals.
Crystal Growing Kits 2 Grow small crystalline objects.
Crystals and Gems 1 Display of different crystals and gems.
Space Age Crystal Growing Kits 2 Grow small crystalline objects.
Newton’s Toy Box 1 Discover Newton’s Laws of Motion with toys.
Jump ropes 55 Athletics and basic healthy living
Jacks, yoyo, Frisbee, Boom-a-rang 5 Various assortment of
Jumping Spring Toys (Animals) 5 Develop sensory-motor, fine motor, and communication skills.