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Below is a list of equipment & kits available for checkout with a short description for your convenience. Many of these kits can be adapted to multiple grade levels. Feel free to adapt the kit to fit your needs and remember the lesson plan that goes along with the kit is optional and is meant to be adapted. To submit a checkout request, please scroll down and complete the Google Form including your name, school, email, phone number, and equipment and dates needed.

Please request equipment at least two weeks in advance to assure equipment reaches you by your needed date. If you have any questions, please contact Chattahoochee-Flint GYSTC at or (229) 942-7864.

To use our equipment in your classroom:

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*Kits can be checked out for 2 weeks at a time.

*Please note: These kits are offered by Chattahoochee-Flint GYSTC. If you are a member of another GYSTC Regional Center, please contact your Regional Coordinator to schedule a session. 


Science Content Kits

SKL2b Tootie Fruity Students will examine and identify fruits and vegetables.
SKP1b Rough Touch Senses-touch
SKP1c Sink or Float Investigate whether items will sink or float.
SKP1b Fifth Sense Explore the 5 senses.
S1P1d Bottle Music Exploring sound
S1L1a My Plant Explore types of plants
S1P1d It’s A Secret Students will explore how sound waves travel through various materials.
S1E1 c & d Weathervane Students will make a weathervane.
S1P2 b Magnet Maze Students will use magnets to explore the fact that like poles repel one another and unlike poles are attracted to one another.
S2P2b Just for Kicks Students will compare two forces of energy on the motion and direction of an object.
S2P1a Mystery Matter Students will become familiar with the term matter.
S3E2.a & b *Fossil Puzzler Trace Fossils
S3L1b Hiding in Plain Sight Explore and model the animal adaptation of camouflage.
S4E2b This is How I See It (Moon Phases) Construct a model of the moon phases.
S4E3b Water Cycle Create a water cycle and make observations
S4P1a, b The Visibility of Light In this activity, students will learn about light.
S4P1b Periscope Up! Students will gain an understanding of reflection.
S4P2a, b Hear Ye! Hear Ye! Construct a model of the human ear and learn how we hear sound.
S4P3 a, b Bounce! Students drop rubber balls to observe and measure the effects of elasticity.
S4P3a, b Zip to It! Use knowledge of force and motion to carry a ping-pong ball down a zip line.
S5E1a, b Sand Shake Experiment to show erosion and deposition
S5E1c Build this Structure Design a structure to withstand an earthquake.
S5E1c Cause and Effect on the Land Experiment how structures can help protect the earths surface.
S5L2a, b Mix and Match Traits Classify inherited and learned traits.
S5P3a Fast Lane (Electromagnets) Construct and test electromagnets.
S6E5e Erosion Rates Investigate erosion
S6E6b Spin the Water Wheel Construct a water wheel.
S6E3d Motion in the Ocean Students will model the process of heat transfer by convection in Earth’s oceans to gain an understanding of how temperature differences in ocean water cause convection currents
S6E5e Weathering Cubes Students will gain an understanding of how rock weathering occurs.
S7L4C Epidemiology Emergency! Group simulation that shows how quickly infectious diseases can be spread and work as a class to determine patient zero.
S7L5b Birds of a Feather Explore how different bird beaks are adapted to their environments.
S8P3a, b, c Stomp Rockets Construct a rocket.
S8P3b Floating on Air Investigate the relationship between friction and motion by building a simple hovercraft.
S8P1c Candy Chromatography Students will separate the various components in a complex solution by using paper chromatography to separate the colors in the dyes used to color the candies.
S8P2b Bounce! Students drop rubber balls to observe and measure the effects of elasticity.

Math Content Kits

MGSEK.G.3 2D/3D Challenge build 2 and 3 dimensional geometric figures using toothpicks and marshmallows
MGSE5. G.1 MGSE5.G.2 Battleship fun game that teaches students about coordinates
MGSEK.OA.4 (can be used for several grades) Connect 4: Addition solve simple addition problems and win games
MGSE4.NF.5 Connect 4: Decimals play traditional game by multiplying decimals
MGSE4.NF.1 Equivalent Fractions math challenge using the traditional match game concept
MGSEK.MD.1 Goin’ Bananas Learn basic math skills by balancing equal numbers on the monkey scale
MGSEK.OA.4 (Can be used for several grades) Ice Cream Addition use basic math skills to play this match game
For all grades Jump for Math fun team challenge that encourages students to create, write, and solve equations
MGSEK.OA.1 (Can be used for several grades) Let’s Roll use learned math skills to complete a simple addition worksheet
MGSE1.OA.1 (Can be used for several grades) Math Dominoes use basic math skills to solve simple equations
MGSE1.NBT.2 Place Value Match use basic math skills to challenge opponents in a game of match
Can be formatted for several grade levels Rubik’s Math solve various types of equations using patterns or a number and a Rubik’s cube
Several Grades BINGO Addition and Subtraction BINGO - Elementary
Several Grades BINGO Multiplication and Division BINGO - Middle School
Several Grades BINGO Algebraic Equations BINGO- High school
Multiple Grades Clever Catch Solve the math problem on the ball.

Coding/Engineering/Technology Kits

Multiple standards Binary Code Bracelet Make a binary code bracelet of your initials using your school colors.
Multiple standards Spheros Code the sphero to follow a pattern
Multiple standards Mambo Parrott Mini Drones Learn how to fly a drone
Multiple standards Robotic Arms Learn how to use a robotic hand
Multiple standards Kibo Kits Classroom kits (5 available)- Coding
Multiple standards 3D Printing 2 3D Printers available
Multiple standards KNEX- Robotics Building System Use Knex to build a robot.
Multiple standards Cublets Cubelets are designed to help students build cognitive skills. So, they can solve the biggest problems and teach all the standards we need to cover.
Multiple standards Snap Circuits Learn how electricity flows with snap circuits.
Multiple Standards Meet Edison Robots Coding- Barcode scanning, drag and drop coding all the way to python coding. Edison Robots are compatible with Lego bricks.
Multiple Standards Hexbug Robotics Build and coding
Multiple Standards WeDO Lego Learn to code robots

Other Available Kits/Resources

Several grades Clever Catch Balls Get students up and moving and thinking with these activity balls. Earth, Life and Physical Science or Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, Division
Several grades Candy Corn Tower Build the tallest tower using candy corn
Several grades Candy Molecules Build simple molecules using candy and toothpicks
Several grades Doodlebots Create one-of-a-kind art with drawing ‘robots’
S5P2. Energy Sticks Explore the concepts of circuits, conductors, and electricity
S1P1 Waves in the Ear Learn how sound travels through the ear
Several grades Salt and Marble Challenge Density, force, friction, inertia, and gravity action
S5P1 Coin Laundry Oxidation of metals
S8P2 Hand Boilers Charles’s Law
S8P3 Hoopsters Explore aerodynamics and Bernoulli’s Principle by constructing an airplane without wings
Several grades Pencil Towers Create the tallest tower using pencils
Several grades Spaghetti Towers Create the tallest tower using spaghetti noodles
Several grades Toothpick Puzzles Use critical thinking skills to solve problems
S2L1 Life Cycle of a Butterfly Explore the 4 stages of a butterfly’s life
S2L1 Life Cycle of a Frog Explore the 4 different stages in the life of a frog
Several grades Paper Clip Challenge Using paper clips, create a paper clip chain that will hold the most weight.
S5P2 b, c All About Circuits Simple, Series, Parallel plus conductive playdough
S2P2 & S8P1 Balloon Kabobs Polymers, polymer chains, surface tension and density
S4P3c Catapult Challenge Potential and kinetic energy
S8P3 Catapulting Cups Learn about Bernoulli’s Principle
Several grades Cup Towers Build the tallest tower using cups
S8P2 Dynotorch Explore the phenomenon of transforming energy using a hand press flashlight
Several grades Balancing Nail Center of Gravity
4th, 5th,6th, 7th Enviroscape Watershed/Nonpoint Source Model. Hands-on, interactive demonstration of the sources and effects of water pollution. Easily demonstrate how storm water runoff carries pollutants through the watershed to a pond, lake, river, bay, or ocean – and the best management practices to prevent this type of pollution from occurring. The overall watershed/stormwater concept is effectively communicated to all ages.
Middle School/Biology Micropipettes Micropipettes and tips.
Several grades Flight Simulator Explore what it is like to be a pilot.