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What do adults do at work all day? Many students hold misconceptions about STEM careers and who can pursue them. GYSTC is actively developing a collection of short videos and lessons designed to familiarize students with individuals and careers in STEM. The goal is not only to showcase these careers but also to make them accessible to students by introducing real people engaged in the work.

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GYSTC, Inc. offers high-quality programs for STEM teachers to enhance the teaching and learning experience in K-8 education. Through our initiatives, we aim to transform students' perspectives and ignite a passion for STEM education. With the generous support of our partners, GYSTC provides the following resources free of charge, no matter if you are a GYSTC member or not. Explore what GYSTC has to offer by clicking the link above. 







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The Georgia Youth Science & Technology Centers (GYSTC) is dedicated to promoting student interest and achievement in science and mathematics. As our mission states, Georgia Youth Science and Technology Centers, Inc. strives to provide quality programs for teachers of STEM subjects that improve the teaching and learning process at the kindergarten through eighth grade levels. We aim to stimulate a child’s interest from an early age to enjoy, not fear, the knowledge of science.

In addition, GYSTC’s services continue to enhance teacher quality and student achievement in science and math through innovative programming. Since 1989, GYSTC has provided supplemental STEM training to nearly 2 million K-8 teachers and students. GYSTC provides these services through a network of nine regional centers and programs located throughout the state in many of the highest need areas.


GYSTC memberships are open to all public, private, charter and homeschools in Georgia. Memberships are available on the system level. To view all GYSTC memberships and fill out a membership questionnaire of desired membership levels click here.

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GYSTC memberships are open to all public, private, charter and homeschools in Georgia. Memberships are available on the system level. To view all GYSTC memberships and fill out a membership questionnaire of desired membership levels click on the link below.

Supplemental Guides

The newly updated GYSTC supplemental resource guides are intended to enhance your instruction of the new Georgia Standards of Excellence for Science. (Member Only Resource)

In-Class Field Trips/Embedded PL

An In-Class Field Trip/Embedded Professional Learning session is a unique experience for the classroom teacher and the students in his or her class to view science from a different perspective.

Family Science Night/Day

STEM Day or Family STEM Night is a community – school-based activity that allows students, parents, teachers, and caregivers an opportunity to participate together in the excitement of STEM activities.

PL Workshops

GYSTC's professional learning workshops are structured specifically to help teachers understand and integrate STEM through lessons that reflect knowledge of STEM content in the classroom.

Summer Camp

STEM Discovery Camp is an exciting learning experience for bright, forward-thinking elementary school students who will evolve into our next generation of science professionals.

Afterschool Programs

GYSTC's afterschool programs can be customized to offer a refresher in math and science exercises in which some students might need a little more time to progress at a more satisfactorily level.

Simple STEM Activities

Simple STEM Activities are designed to be fun, interesting, and easy to do. You'll absolutely love doing them and they use materials that are easy to find.Each comes with a simple lesson plan and a short video that highlights the activity. (Member Only Resource)

STEM Challenges

STEM Challenges are centered around the engineering design process. They immerse students in a hands-on inquiry focused on a phenomena (observable event) that aligns with the key concepts under study.   (Member Only Resource)

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Contact our office at gystc@kennesaw.edu or 470-578-7592 with questions.

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GYSTC’s unique profile and proven track record in addressing the critical and underserved areas of STEM education are our greatest strengths. However, we are challenged by the need to maintain and increase our revenue in a time of more needed virtual learning. One obvious solution is to work harder, smarter and more creatively to devise innovative programs that will compel support; we are doing that! Empowering students for STEM careers is what we do!