A La Carte GYSTC Services

These GYSTC value-added offerings to teachers and students suggest one or more exercises in the form of lessons, games, hands-on activities and experiments teachers can use to instruct and motivate their students.

The STEM Teacher Academy

The GYSTC STEM Teacher Academy comprises four one-day sessions (approximately six hours in duration) on various current topics selected from subjects from the science, technology, engineering, and mathematics disciplines. These sessions occur in the months of August, September, October, and November and are scheduled at a location convenient for the teacher to attend.  The grade levels will be selected, depending on demand, from the following groupings: K-2, 3-5, 5-8, or, when requested, grades 6, or 7, or 8 separately.

Content and pedagogy are integrated throughout the classes.  Applications are stressed. All curriculum materials are provided, including a popular book on the nature and content of what constitutes STEM lesson essentials. In addition, all curriculum materials are keyed to the most current Georgia standards.

Each participant is expected to develop a lesson for his or her own classroom. During the winter, one of GYSTC’s coaches will visit each teacher and assist him or her in delivering the lesson developed by the teacher. At the end of the academy teachers will receive a book of accumulated lessons for their own use.

Normally, the final session will be held at a technology-based corporation or facility and will include topics related to “real-world” applications of STEM subjects. This day will also include the awarding of certificates of completion and a group luncheon.

Member System: $695 per Teacher

Non-Member System: $695 per Teacher

Regional STEM/Engineering Workshops

Regional STEM/Engineering workshops are offered on a two-day format at various locations around the state of Georgia.  They are structured specifically to help teachers understand and integrate science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) through lessons that reflect knowledge of STEM content in the classroom.

With the engineering design process now being seriously integrated into Georgia’s standards, GYSTC has created special materials that orient teachers on what and how engineers go about their work. GYSTC believes its engineering/teacher programs are on the cutting edge of what is essential.

Member System: No additional cost

Non-Member System: $2,000 per day for up to 20 Teachers

Family Science Nights

A Family Science Night is a community – school-based activity that allows students, parents, teachers and care givers an opportunity to participate together in the excitement of STEM activities while, at the same time developing a basic understanding of the scientific principles that underpin what is happening before their eyes.

Normally, an experienced GYSTC instructor will join with several local teachers to put on the programs together. These are after-school programs that begin in the early evening. The instructor will meet with the teachers before the event in order to orient them on the how the evening is to progress and to refresh the teachers’ knowledge the science behind the entertainment part of the program. A local school, chosen by the school system, will define the broad parameters regarding such matters as the maximum number of participants, use of facilities and any other matters of importance to that particular school. The school is responsible for recruiting teachers to help with the program.

Member System: No additional cost

Non-Member System: $1,500 per event

In-Class Field Trips

An in-class field trip is a unique experience for the classroom teacher and the students in his or her class to view science from a different perspective. It will serve the dual purpose of embedded professional development for the teacher to see another teacher’s teaching model, and at the same time, let the student see a different perspective on the subject being taught.

An experienced GYSTC instructor will join together with the teacher to present a lesson related to what the teacher will need the day of the in-class field trip. The local teacher will be expected to be present the entire time and assist the GYSTC instructor in making the experience valuable to the teacher and the students alike.

Member System: No additional cost

Non-Member System: $750 for up to 30 Students 

STEM Discovery Camps

The Georgia Youth Science & Technology Centers, Inc. STEM Discovery Camp is an exciting four-day learning experience for bright, forward-thinking elementary school (grades 3-5) students who will evolve into our next generation of science innovators, engineers, health, and IT professionals. Early exposure to these fields can set today’s kids on a path to success by equipping them with the tools they will need to make wise and informed decisions about their future.

Students will have the opportunity to meet new friends while engaging in challenging activities, workshops, and simulations in a collegiate environment. During this unique four-day camp, students will take part in the following Discovery Tracks: Engineering & Technology, Medicine & Technology, Environmental Science, and Planning for Success. GYSTC STEM Discovery Camp is the perfect opportunity for young and curious minds to explore the frontiers of 21st century science and technology.

The program typically meets after the end of the spring school term in a nearby school or other appropriate facility. Generally, the local school system or other community will assist GYSTC in acquiring a venue for the camp. GYSTC will provide all the materials for a successful program.

Member System: $1,500 for up to 30 students

Non-Member System: $2,500 for up to 30 students

Excellence in Science Teaching Symposium

A 3-day professional development experience centered around the new Science Georgia Standards of Excellence for elementary and middle school educators.   The symposium will include the following:

  • Deeper, grade-specific orientation to the new Science Georgia Standards of Excellence.
  • Supplemental curricular materials specific to your grade level.
  • Explore connections of how 3-D Learning relates to improving scientific phenomena
  • Exposure to a range of instructional strategies connected directly to the new standards
  • Real higher order teaching and learning experiences utilizing uniquely created STEM Innovations lessons.

Member System: No additional cost

Non-Member System: $2,000 per day for up to 20 Teachers