Excellence in Science Teaching Symposium for K-8 Educators


Please join us for the 2018 GYSTC Summer STEM institute.  We know that summer is the only real time for you to relax, reflect, and consider how to build your repertoire of effective learning experiences.  The institute will be hands-on and exploratory from the start.  We want you to take the time to try out lessons that we’ve found to be fun and super engaging with kids.


Each exploration will emphasize the new Georgia Standards of Excellence while also showing how to incorporate both engineering practices and crosscutting concepts into our instruction (the 3-D approach).   At the institute, you will receive multiple grade-specific lesson plans, STEM Challenges, resources, and even some hands-on materials to go back and try with your students.  We will also introduce and delve into the Supplemental Curriculum Guides produced by GYSTC.


The Summer STEM Institute will include a focus on: 

Innovative STEM Solution Projects

These projects will feature 3-D, 5E approach and they will include a ground-breaking lesson that will actively engage students in key science phenomena. From topics such as Analyzing the Energy of Sound Waves to Riveting Robotics and Computer Coding, these projects will model how teachers can energetically involve students in STEM related endeavors.


Super STEM Challenges  

STEM challenges take students from identifying a problem—or a design challenge—to creating and developing a solution. Each challenge is centered around the engineering design process as they immerse students in hands-on inquiry and open-ended exploration. Teachers will try out multiple challenges many of which will be specific to their grade level and standards.


Grade Level Breakouts and Supplemental Resource Guides    

During grade level breakout sessions, we will explore GYSTC supplemental resource guides that enhance instruction of the new Georgia Standards of Excellence for Science. The guides are designed to complement, and not supplant, other resources available at your school. Most lessons incorporate a 3-D approach to science instruction integrating core ideas, crosscutting concepts, and science and engineering practices.



Middle GA State College
June 5th and 6th