FY 2018 was a very successful year for GYSTC! The organization operated statewide and served 8,858 teachers and 51,480 students from 84 of Georgia School Districts. We were able to serve the teachers and students of Georgia through our network of nine centers. We provided services from our diverse programs such as Professional Learning Workshops, STEM Teacher Academy, Camps, After School Programs, In-Class Field Trips/Embedded Professional Development, Saturday Science and STEM Nights/Days.

We are extremely grateful and thankful to all of our partners. We could not operate or provide supplemental STEM resources to the teachers and students of Georgia without their support.  Our gratitude extends also to our partners who provides space and instructional support where we do not have a center.

The following GYSTC, Inc. FY 2018 Summary Report highlights several of our programs and activities we are all so happy to be a part of. Again, we would like to thank everyone that made this year possible. Download your copy at the link below.

GYSTC Summary Report 2018

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