Ozobots are super cool miniature robots that are programmed to read sequences of colors (color codes). Different sequences of 2-4 colors instruct the Ozobot to move in a variety of different ways. Ozobots follow lines and have color sensors that can detect red, green, and blue. Since every color can be created by mixing these three colors, Ozobots can see and respond to an amazing variety of colors.

For quick video overviews of what Ozobots can do check out, How To: Use your Ozobot Bit – Part 1 and How To: Use your Ozobot Bit – Part 2. There are also a variety of cool lessons that have been designed for the Ozobot and the Intro Ozobot Lesson is a great place to start. All of the lessons can be found in the Ozobot Lesson Library.



If you have access to a set of iPads or similar devices, you can also download a couple of cool apps that are designed to work with Ozobots. Ozogroove is an app that contains a variety of popular songs that can be used get the Ozobots dancing.  Students can choose from pre-programmed dances or they can create their own using drag and drop programming.  You can even have up to five Ozobots rocking out at the same time.

OzoBlockly is an app that gives you the power to fully control your Ozobot's movement and behavior. It is powered by Google’s Blockly, and OzoBlockly offers five modes from Pre-Reader to Master.  The interface is super clear and it comes with support for both low-level functions and advanced programming concepts.  In a nutshell, you tell your Ozobot what to do using simple drag and drop commands.  You can even show your students how to include critical coding tools such as loops so that your Ozobot can repeat the cool things that you have coded.  After completing your code on your digital tool, you load your program into your Ozobot directly through the screen of your device.   Then sit back and then watch as your Ozobot performs exactly as instructed.